Olivia Pope Style

I am currently obsessed - and I mean, OBSESSED - with Scandal. The US drama set in and around the White House has so many 'WHAAAATT?!!' moments that I cannot be disturbed whilst watching it - I am gripped. Alongside the crazy far-fetched yet intriguing storylines is the other main draw in this show - Olivia Pope's wardrobe. Olivia is the main character, played by Kerry Washington, and, oh my, her wardrobe! If you've not seen Scandal before, it's like this:

So basically, PERFECT. In the US, Kerry's become something of a style icon as she manages to look perfectly groomed off set as well as on. One of my favourite US stores The Limited caught onto this a while ago and last month launched The Scandal Collection inspired by Olivia Pope's so-stylish-it-hurts wardrobe. There are some lovely pieces in the collection, and The Limited do ship to the UK, but what about our own UK high street? It's handled.*

Do you watch Scandal? Have you seen any Olivia-inspired pieces on the high street?


*This is a little gag - an 'in-joke', if you will, for those who watch Scandal. If you don't, you will have zero clue what I am talking about. So...this is awkward.

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