Feeling Festive at Bayberry Hollow

For a while now, people who know about my love of tea and cake have been asking me if I've visited Bayberry Hollow. Aside from cooing over the incredibly cute name, I'd been told that this little converted pub-come-gift-shop in Tanfield has a gorgeous tea room serving delicious cakes. SOLD!

Although Tanfield isn't too far from where I live, the Husband and I had a rather perilous drive through ridiculously thick fog to find the place on Saturday morning, as I wanted to get there as soon as it opened since I'd heard the tea room is incredibly popular. We got there in one piece so as I parked the car I'd already decided to reward myself with a huge slice of cake. Seems fair, right?

As I mentioned, Bayberry Hollow is also a gift shop, so we had a little mooch around this part first. I spotted around 100 things I loved and mentally tried to work out who I could give them all to for Christmas (I find this tactic lessens my usual shopping guilt). Since we are hurtling into the festive period now, the gift shop was full of cute decorative items including some amazing smelling candles in Christmassy scents like Cranberry Spice and Frankincense.

The building used to be a pub, so there are lots of alcoves and low beams which gives the place a really cosy feel (watch your head, though!). The tea room is at the back of the building up a small flight of stairs, and there is also a snug lounge area off to the right. Whilst exploring I also had a peek at the upstairs area which has recently been converted into the Bay Lounge where evening events including Tapas nights will be held. I love the idea of this so will definitely be checking it out!

Anyway, back to the important subject of food. The tea room counter was piled high with delicious looking scones and I was very tempted to go with one of those until I spotted the Victoria sponge. For some reason, I just can't resist a Victoria sponge, so that and a pot of tea
it was for me (yes, I am now eating cake for breakfast). The Husband went for a more traditional breakfast of a bacon sandwich and pumpkin latte. My cake was delicious, light and fluffy with lots of filling, and the Husband's sarnie was apparently delicious too (yet again, I didn't get a sniff of it).

The other cakes on the menu (Chocolate Heaven. Need I say more?!) all sounded delicious too so OBVIOUSLY I'm going to have to go back very soon and try them. I could have happily sat sipping tea in Bayberry Hollow all day but it started to get really busy once we'd finished our food so we left. I'll definitely be popping back again before Christmas both for the cakes and to pick up a few gifts. I might even just go back to hover around for a while, since the place has such a lovely, welcoming homely feel.

I'll also be dragging asking the Husband to go back so he can buy me this for Christmas. IT'S A MOUSE! IN WELLINGTONS! You can't actually see the wellingtons due to my crappy photography but take my word for it, it's wearing wellingtons. So cute.

Have you visited Bayberry Hollow?
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