Fluttering My Falsies - Let's Go Lashes

I love long, full lashes. Sadly, I do not have long, full lashes. Therefore, I'm always on the look out for nice, reasonably priced lashes that look natural. I say that as I have tried a few brands/lash types that have made me look like the world's worst drag queen, so a natural look is key. I also don't like the feel of anything on my eye or lid, so I need lightweight lashes that I'll forget I'm wearing. Oh, and they need to stay on all night. Going to the loo midway through the night and checking your reflection to see a runaway lash strip stuck to your cheek is NOT GOOD.

So, on Friday night I had the opportunity to try Let's Go Lashes*, a range of 40 false lashes in varying styles, lengths and thicknesses. The idea is that there's a pair for everyone, whether you're a falsie newbie or a practised regular lash sporter.  There are four collections - Flirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker and the lashes I was sent were from the Temptress range in number 3, which are described as 'Dramatically luxurious, the wispy-fringed lash that redefines alluring.' I WANT TO BE ALLURING! And I am slightly dramatic, from time to time. These must be perfect for me!

The lashes were really easy to apply using the glue included in the pack and I didn't have to trim them down which was a bonus. I always apply falsies with tweezers and once I had these in place they felt secure and very light, which I loved! As I said, I hate the feeling of having anything on or near my eye so the fact that I pretty much instantly forgot I was wearing these is such a bonus. As the lashes are made from real hair, they look incredibly natural. I didn't feel drag-queeny at all, just glammed up and -yes - even a bit alluring!

I do apologise for the slightly manic selfie below but I wanted to show how natural the lashes looked on.

I am super-impressed with Let's Go Lashes and the range of different lashes available is amazing. I'll certainly be stocking up for the party season and trying a few of the other styles, and, since you know how much I love a bargain, here's the best bit - the lashes normally retail at £6.50 per pair, however if you purchase via the special link below you can buy THREE pairs for just £9 by using code LG3FOR9 at checkout!

Will you be trying Let's Go Lashes?

*Thanks to Propaganda for providing me the lashes to review :)
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