Gift Inspo - ShoeFi Shoe Clips

I have one word: SHOES.*

*I actually have a few more words. I just said that to reel you in, for impact. Please don't leave. 

Purdy shoes make me happy. I could be wearing the most blah outfit ever, but if I have a pair of beautiful shoes on, I can do anything. Well, anything that doesn't require me walking too far (the most beautiful shoes are usually the most high/pointed/darn uncomfortable, sadly). So whilst I love fabulous shoes, and own a few knockout pairs, most of the time I find myself going back to my old faithful few pairs of comfortable courts. (God. 'Comfortable Courts'?! I really am nearing middle-age, aren't I? Shoot me now.)

My more comfy shoes are still pretty - I have loads of different colours, and fabrics - they're just a bit....plain. But what if I could add something to my shoes to make them fabulous? Fabulous and comfortable?

Step forward (see what I did there?) ShoeFi. ShoeFi is a new brand run by my friend Fi, specialising in hand made shoe clips. Since Fi is a total shoe fiend and has possibly more shoes than anyone I've ever met/everyone I've ever met put together, she is well qualified in fabulous footwear.

ShoeFi clips can be added to any pair of shoes to create a completely unique look that nobody else will be wearing. I have a few pairs of the clips already and have tried my gorgeous blue sparkly ones with my favourite blue suede stilettos for a glam party look that will be perfect for Christmas, and with some leopard print pointed kitten heels for a night out with the girls. Think of the options!!

Here are a few more of my ShoeFis. It's like I have a whole new shoe wardrobe. Squeeeeeeeee!

ShoeFi clips are made to order so any colour or style can be requested. Prices start at just £4 and you can order by messaging directly via Facebook.

I think these are the perfect Christmas present for a shoe junkie. Obviously I'll be buying myself several more pairs too.

What do you think of ShoeFi?

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