Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Body & Bath Duet

I am a sucker for luxurious bath products. My favourite thing to do on a Sunday night is light a candle and settle into a warm, gorgeously scented bath with a good book on my kindle (usually I'm reading novels about people being murdered, or tortured, or stalked, but oddly that doesn't seem to spoil the ambience). In terms of luxury bath products, in my opinion they don't get much more decadent than Laura Mercier.

Knowing about my love of things that make me smell good enough to eat my own arm (see - too many of those novels!) the Husband bought me a set of Creme Brulee products for my birthday earlier this year. The set contains bath salts and body souffle creme, and it's part of my go-to Sunday night pamper kit. If you haven't smelled the Creme Brulee range, think freshly baked cupcakes, swirled in caramel, covered in buttercream and you're just about there. It's DEEEEEVINE.

The bath salts are a lot less fragranced that the body creme, in my opinion - they do create a pleasant, subtle scent in the bathroom when I use them, but it's when I break out the body creme that the real action begins. This stuff is so rich and smooth it's like rubbing actually cake batter into your skin (I realise that probably sounds disgusting - I mean it in the nicest possible way!). After applying it I am tempted to just lie on my bed, luxuriating (and preferably eating freshly baked cupcakes, swirled in caramel, covered in buttercream - but I usually don't have these to hand).

The best thing about these products though is that the scent really lasts. If I apply it in the morning, throughout the day I'll get whiffs of Creme Brulee as I'm going about my daily doings. The only problem I have now is that I'm terrified about what I'll do when I run out. LM products aren't cheap - the body butter alone retails at £44.50. Good job it's almost Christmas, Husband.
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