My Little Box - November

I was only just starting to get over the excitement of my October My Little Box when the mailroom at work informed me that a VERY, VERY, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PACKAGE had arrived for me. (I often remind them that any packages that come for me are, obviously, ESSENTIAL and I need to be informed RIGHT AWAY. I'll stop with the capitals now.)

Turns out it was my November edition of My Little Box, and this month's theme is My Little Cosy Box. Who doesn't love cosy? Nobody, that's who. So I excitedly opened my parcel. The first thing I pulled out was this adorable polka dotted heat cushion. How cute! The idea of this is that you pop it in the microwave and use it to keep you snuggly on those cold winter nights whilst watching Tom Hardy movies And pretending the cushion is actually Tom Hardy. Now, I do like the idea of this, but in reality I'm not sure it's something I'll use. In fact, I'm pretty sure I already have one of these cushiony things somewhere in my house. Still, it's red, and polka dotted. I like it!

The next item in my cosy box is this adorable little coffee mug featuring original artwork by MLB's resident artiste Kanako. So cute, and perfect for espresso! If only I drank it. I'm a tea, tea and more tea kinda gal, but this mug is so cute that I'm sure I'll find a use for it elsewhere. Maybe to hold my makeup brushes?

Like last month, my box also contained a simple but chic drawstring pouch. This month's contained a black volume mascara by My Little Beauty, an Arcancil waterproof eye pencil and an Intense Colour Eye Shadow by Yves Rocher in the colour Brun Cafe Mat. I actually really like the pencil and the shadow, which can be used to create a simple smoky eye as shown in the copy of My Little World mag which is also in the box. I'm reserving judgement on the mascara as I've only briefly tried it so far.

So - another super cute offering from My Little Box. Not gonna lie, I don't love this like I loved my October box, but then, that was DVF themed, so it was never really going to live up to that, was it? The cushion and the mug will probably be relegated to my 'bought never to be seen again' drawer but the boxes arrive so exquisitely packaged that I'll be keeping my subscription going just to receive more pretty parcels.

Have you given in to My Little Box yet?


  1. I'm still so obsessed! I love my espresso mug ... don't really drink strong coffee but it might be a good for a mini hot chocolate :D Was a bit gutted I didn't get the Essie nail varnish instead of the eye shadow but never mind, I'm over it now! The only problem with the boxes is they are so cute I'm going to end up wanting to keep each and every box and before I know it I'm going to have a stack and nowhere to put them? If only I could afford to buy a Mansion!


    1. Aw I know. I felt the same about the Essie polish but actually i really like the eyeshadow. Ha i know i live the boxes. I'm using them to store all my lippies (i counted them yesterday = 121!!!) Xx

  2. I got a pink nail varnish in mine, but probably would've preferred the eyeshadow due to Chris's nail varnish phobia haha! Never mind! I liked this months but I wasn't over excited about it, hope next month's is even better!

    Kay xx


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