Stuff I really shouldn't love.....

A few months ago, I was sitting at my desk at work, errrmm, working, when someone casually suggested going to the chippy for lunch. 'You in?' my colleague asked me. 'Totes.' I replied (well, I probably didn't actually say that. I've never said it in real life, except once to the Husband). So then everyone started discussing what they'd get: fish bites, a mince pie, a chip butty. I cleared my throat. 'I fancy a....' I dropped to a whisper, 'battered sausage'. I don't know what I was expecting - shock, maybe? Disgust? I mean, in this day and age, in a world of kale and juicing and something called 'clean eating', battered sausages are like the work of the devil. A very greasy, delicious devil. To my surprise, though, people started joining in. 'Ooh I love a battered sausage.' said one. 'I could just fancy a sausage.' piped up another. It kind of snowballed from there.
Ah, the doubler. 
Fast forward a couple of months, and we have what can only be described as a battered sausage problem. An addiction, if you will. I'm not talking about every day here (although the main culprit in sausage-gate, my friend Andrea, recently confessed to eating five in a single week). But it's fair to say that it has gotten a bit out of hand. Not to mention the wildly inappropriate jokes made by my colleagues when I innocently gestured the easiest and most fuss free way to eat a battered sausage without cutlery (I'll leave that there).

Since I'd come out as a fully fledged battered sausage eater (along with just about everyone I work with), they became - have become - a key topic of conversation on work breaks. Pay day is now generally known as 'Sausage Friday', any celebration becomes an excuse to indulge in our favourite battered treats (Birthday? Yep. Someone leaving? Go on then. Day ending in 'y'? Could be persuaded.) and Andrea and I have even tried to expand our little sausage gang to include our favourite celebrities, although the results have been disappointing. When trying to find out if (amazing, perfect, rugged, buff, hot) David Gandy is ever partial to a battered sausage, we got the following response:

Maybe not quite as perfect as we thought, then? This won't deter us though. Battered sausage club is still going strong and I think it'll continue for a while. I'm certainly not planning on switching over to the fish bites bus.

*Disclaimer! Yes, battered sausages are unhealthy. No, you shouldn't eat them all the time. Yes, they should be a treat only. No, I am not advocating daily sausage eating. (Every other day, though....)

What's your guilty pleasure?

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