Ultimate Winter Skin Perk Up

There are some things I love about winter: chunky knits, boots, berry lip shades; and there are some things I hate: cold feet, snoods (mainly just the word. I mean, snood. Really?!) and dull, tired skin. The cold feet and the snoods I can work around, and for my skin, lately I've been loving this:

So, this is L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Anti Fatigue Perk Up Cream. Bit of a mouthful, yeah? So let's just call it Glow In A (Cute Pink) Tube. I bought this on impulse in Superdrug, where it's currently on offer for £7.99 (rrp £11.99). Not gonna lie, I was drawn to the pink and orange ombre packaging, and that's basically the entire reason I bought it.

So, I was actually really pleasantly surprised when I tried this and found that it actually does give my skin a really nice glow. Not only that, but it's rich enough to nourish the drier bits of my pesky combo skin whilst not over-oiling my t-zone. I've also been using this as a make up base for the last few days to see how it fares, and although I've had to powder throughout the day I love that the radiant effect of the cream seems to work even under make up.

Worth buying?

Yup - you can't go wrong at this price (especially if you can grab it in Superdrug while it's on offer). If you're looking for a bit of extra glow in the mornings - and let's face it, who isn't? - this is for you. Go. GO!! And then buy the takeaway, because...well, you deserve it.

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