Glamglow - Worth The Hype?

There probably isn't a beauty blogger out there who hasn't tried Glamglow. It has to be one of the most raved about products over the last couple of years - I mean, the claims Glamglow make about their Youthmud mask are pretty awesome: brighter, radiant skin, wrinkles and lines softened, dark circles and pores reduced - all in a few minutes. If it weren't for the hefty price tag (The RRP of this particular product is £49.99) I'd probably have a cupboard full of this stuff based on the product write up alone! But does it really do the do? Well, I first bought a small tub of the Youthmud in the USA a while ago just to try, It actually does work! Yes, it tingles, no, it's not uncomfortable (although I have read reviews where others have said it has been - I don't have sensitive skin though). It is a pain to get off though (I found this out after I left it on for 30 minutes longer than I should have, due to getting engrossed in an old episode of CSI), but, yes, the Youthmud is amazing. I think we all know that.

So then I became curious to try the rest of Glamglow's range, just to see if they were as good. I don't have dry skin, but after using the Thirstymud my skin felt soft and plumped - I've had a similar effect after a facial before.

The Brightmud eye treatments come in little silver half-spheres and the idea is that you lightly tap product around your eye area then wipe off to plump and tone the area and make you look more alert. Whilst I did look a bit fresher after using these, my (worsening, almost permanent during winter) eyebags were still there. Ah well, I suppose you can't expect miracles. Although I did hope.

The newest addition to the Glamglow family is Powermud, which is a dual cleansing 'mud to oil' treatment. This one smells lovely and fresh and came off so smoothly, leaving clean, glowing skin.

I'm saving the Supermud for my next chin breakout (it will happen, it's only a matter of time. Gah.) but seeing how amazing the other products are, I have no doubt that this one will also live up to it's claims of reducing spot redness and speeding up the healing process.

Worth buying? 

I don't know how the Glamglow team have done it - they obviously have some magical skincare powers that enable them to come up with the most amazing products I've used in a long time - maybe ever. If I had to choose a favourite, Youthmud would come up tops - just because I love the exfoliating properties and really feel like it makes a huge difference to pores and general skin texture. Yes it's expensive, but as a treat - or maybe after dropping heavy hints for Christmas - this is a winner for me.

*The minis I have were kindly given to me by a friend in a salon, however you can try out Glamglow products via their Try Before You Buy kits, which contain samples of the products and start at £13.
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