The £3 Wardrobe Staple you HAVE to buy!

STOP EVERYTHING. (No, really - this is URGENT).

I know I've mentioned before how much I love a breton top. Since I'm never out of jeans on a weekend, bretons are THE easiest way to avoid looking like a total slob by instantly chic-ing up an outfit. Pair with ballet flats and huge sunnies and I almost feel a little bit Audrey H....almost. Well, not quite, but still, breton tops are amazingly versatile and look great with everything from jeans, a blazer and heels to full skirts and waist belts.

There are loads of breton options online or on the high street of course - you could go for one of the classic Petit Bateau versions at around £40 or pick up one of Boden's beauties at £25. Or, you could go to Lidl and get a pack of two for 6 quid. Yes, I said SIX POUNDS. FOR TWO.


Black Friday, Vegas Style

I haven't written on my blog for a while - mainly due to Very Important Pressing Reasons outlined here, The major one being: I couldn't be bothered. Coming in at a very close second was my obsession with watching the entire seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, which pretty much kept me under the duvet with my Kindle Fire for most of January. When I'd finished the final episode (HOW AWESOME, PLEASE?!) I emerged from my pillowy cocoon, rubbing my eyes and wondering what I'd do with my life now (also - could I learn to ride a Harley? And if so, could I cope with the hideously flat hat-hair the helmet would inevitably cause? I had to concede that I probably couldn't). I've been contemplating that for the last couple of weeks, and then I remembered: THE BLOG! Ah, yes, the blog. Might as well get back into that then, huh? Although, I have just started watching House Of Cards, so....

Anyway, this is a SHOPPING blog (I know - I have to remind myself sometimes, too), so in the interests of SHOPPING and writing stuff about SHOPPING, I shall now refer back to a trip I took many moons ago (well, at the end of November) to my spiritual home, Las Vegas. I may have mentioned this before, errr...quite a few times: I freakin' LOVE Vegas. I'm not much of a gambler, but I am a dessert-eater, and, as we know, a dedicated shopper. Vegas caters for both of these things quite perfectly. I feel I'm well positioned to say that since my number of visits to LV has now reached double figures. Yup, I love it that much. I love it even more when there are sales on. So, what if I timed my visit so I'd be in Vegas during the mother of all sales - Black Friday? Woop!

I did a bit lot of research before we flew out to Vegas to find out where the best bargains would be on Black Friday, then, with military precision, drew up a plan to make sure I was in the right place at the right time to bring down my target (aka, a Kate Spade bag). I read that a lot of the stores open at midnight but the ones I was interested in would be opening from 4am. I've not seen 4am since....well, ever.
But needs must.