Black Friday, Vegas Style

I haven't written on my blog for a while - mainly due to Very Important Pressing Reasons outlined here, The major one being: I couldn't be bothered. Coming in at a very close second was my obsession with watching the entire seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, which pretty much kept me under the duvet with my Kindle Fire for most of January. When I'd finished the final episode (HOW AWESOME, PLEASE?!) I emerged from my pillowy cocoon, rubbing my eyes and wondering what I'd do with my life now (also - could I learn to ride a Harley? And if so, could I cope with the hideously flat hat-hair the helmet would inevitably cause? I had to concede that I probably couldn't). I've been contemplating that for the last couple of weeks, and then I remembered: THE BLOG! Ah, yes, the blog. Might as well get back into that then, huh? Although, I have just started watching House Of Cards, so....

Anyway, this is a SHOPPING blog (I know - I have to remind myself sometimes, too), so in the interests of SHOPPING and writing stuff about SHOPPING, I shall now refer back to a trip I took many moons ago (well, at the end of November) to my spiritual home, Las Vegas. I may have mentioned this before, errr...quite a few times: I freakin' LOVE Vegas. I'm not much of a gambler, but I am a dessert-eater, and, as we know, a dedicated shopper. Vegas caters for both of these things quite perfectly. I feel I'm well positioned to say that since my number of visits to LV has now reached double figures. Yup, I love it that much. I love it even more when there are sales on. So, what if I timed my visit so I'd be in Vegas during the mother of all sales - Black Friday? Woop!

I did a bit lot of research before we flew out to Vegas to find out where the best bargains would be on Black Friday, then, with military precision, drew up a plan to make sure I was in the right place at the right time to bring down my target (aka, a Kate Spade bag). I read that a lot of the stores open at midnight but the ones I was interested in would be opening from 4am. I've not seen 4am since....well, ever.
But needs must.

We stayed in my fave LV hotel, Planet Hollywood, which I love for three reasons: 
1) It's in a brilliant location, centre-Strip
2) There's a Sephora downstairs
3) The lifts smell like lemonade. (Really. It's divine.)

We arrived the day before Thanksgiving - two days before Black Friday. This gave us time to enjoy Thanksgiving day before shopping madness begun. And two days would definitely be enough to deal with the inevitable jet lag. Wouldn't it?, it turns out. We went to bed at 10pm on Thanksgiving night (yes, I go to bed at 10pm. I am sensible, sometimes. Sniff.) and woke at 7.30 the next morning. Ooops. 

Not to be perturbed, I revised the plan, telling the Husband we'd head downstairs to Sephora (could buying new make up be any more convenient?) so I could pick up a few of their Black Friday specials, since they opened at 8am. 'Right.' I briefed him, as we enjoyed our lemonade-scented descent to the hotel's Miracle Mile shops in the lift, 'There'll be crowds, so you go in one side, and I'll go in the other. Grab whatever you can. Grab two of whatever you can!' We rounded the corner, ready to join the queue, and woman, standing awkwardly outside. I checked my watch - it was 7:55. Still time for crowds to descend. Through the shutters, I could see the $10 Black Friday deals on the shelf. 'When it's time, grab that pink one', I pointed out a Bare Minerals kit to the Husband, 'And that green Origins one. And the Make Up Forever lip glosses. Got it?' He looked unsure. 'Can't I just wait outside? There's hardly anyone here...' 'NO!' I yelled. Then the shutters were coming up and we were inside. By that time a few more people had arrived so I did indeed grab everything I liked the look of. Only once I got back to our room and looked at my purchases did I realise I probably wouldn't use half of it. But, hey, they were $10! It was Black Friday! Yay!

After that we got a cab to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North which is one of my favourite places to shop in LV. It wasn't actually too busy so I made a beeline for my beloved Kate Spade where everything was 40% off...and an additional 30% off! That's, like...a lot of percent off!! SHOW ME THE HANDBAGS! Since this'd be my sixth KS bag, I decided one was enough. I settled on this blue beauty with matching purse, because it looks pretty and also because it was the last of it's kind on the shelf, and another lady seemed to be heading straight for it with a look of determination in her eyes. Obviously, this meant I HAD to have it, so I swept it away to the till immediately. It's, like, Bag Fate. Sigh. I bought a few other bits and pieces at the outlets including loads of Bare Minerals make up (because, obviously, I don't have enough already) which was up to 70% off.

After the outlets we headed over to The Fashion Show Mall where I stocked up on jeans and jumpers at American Eagle and Banana Republic. Although the sales here were good - between 40-50% off the entire store - I couldn't help noticing there weren't any mega-bargains. One sales assistant told us that in a lot of LV stores, these offers are on for the whole of Thanksgiving week, and I have to admit that I have stumbled across better deals than most I saw at other times of the year. Still, I got my Kate bag, and that's what matters. 

Once my feet couldn't take any more (at about 8pm. We shopped for twelve hours. TWELVE HOURS) we headed back to the hotel where I picked up one of these amazing creations from Earl of Sandwich. It a BROWNIE. CREME. SANDWICH. I don't need to say any more, do I?

So, Black Friday shopping. Worth it? Yes. Best sales I've seen? No. Would I go again? Errr, obvs. I'm counting down to this year.

Let me know if you've been shopping in the US on Black Friday!

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