The £3 Wardrobe Staple you HAVE to buy!

STOP EVERYTHING. (No, really - this is URGENT).

I know I've mentioned before how much I love a breton top. Since I'm never out of jeans on a weekend, bretons are THE easiest way to avoid looking like a total slob by instantly chic-ing up an outfit. Pair with ballet flats and huge sunnies and I almost feel a little bit Audrey H....almost. Well, not quite, but still, breton tops are amazingly versatile and look great with everything from jeans, a blazer and heels to full skirts and waist belts.

There are loads of breton options online or on the high street of course - you could go for one of the classic Petit Bateau versions at around £40 or pick up one of Boden's beauties at £25. Or, you could go to Lidl and get a pack of two for 6 quid. Yes, I said SIX POUNDS. FOR TWO.


So.....yeah. That's £3 each, for the mathematicians amongst us. Pretty much the price of a coffee. Bargain, right?

Now let's not go mental here - the quality is not *necessarily* going to be on par with more expensive versions (I say necessarily, because I'm a firm believer in the whole 'paying more doesn't always mean better' thing), but at 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the Lidl versions are super soft and comfortable, and the look like they cost WAY more.

These have been advertised on tv so as soon as I saw them I hotfooted (well, drove) to my local Lidl and skidded through the vegetable aisle to grab the last ones in my size. The assistant wasn't sure if there'd be more coming in so I would suggest you get yourself to Lidl IMMEDIATELY and buy these. They also had dresses, leggings, vests, even trenchcoats, some of which looked much nicer in the flesh than I expected but the bretons are definitely the best buys. One thing I would say is the sizing is small, and since I prefer a looser fit, I sized up.

I think I'll get loads of wear out of these through spring and I'm already planning what else in my wardrobe I can pair them with. My J Crew flats? (These need a post all of their own, don't they? They are AMAZE). Yup. My £3 Primark skirt and polka dot Boden wedges? Obviously. The possiblities are endless!

Anyone else snapped these up?


  1. What? What?! WHAT?! £3 each is amazing I'm going to lidl tomorrow and if they don't have them I will weep!

    1. OMG get yourself to Lidl now. NOW! Oh, it's probably closed, best wait until tomorrow. RUN, though! ;-) x

  2. That is an amazing bargain! I'm not sure if I've ever been to Lidl .. is there one in Gateshead or did I make that up? I'll have to investigate! .. just so that we can have matching tops and be twins :)

    Chloe x

    1. I'm not sure about sure there will be as there are a few around. My local one is literally a five minute drive away and there are a couple of others not far. Yes, let's be top twins! :) xx

  3. Love the J-Crew flats, they do indeed need a blog post of their own!!

  4. I'll get right on it! 😃😃😃 xx

  5. I'll get right on it! 😃😃😃 xx


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