Boden Town Hall Sale - Newcastle Racecourse

A couple of weeks ago, I was queuing for a latte (oh, ok - and a muffin) in Starbucks when I overheard two women in front of me discussing whether they'd be going to the upcoming Boden sale in Newcastle. My ears pricked up. Boden sale? I'd never heard of such a thing! I tried to listen to the rest of the details but the women walked off while I was still ordering so I missed it. When?! WHERE EXACTLY?! How would I ever find out?! I could have run after them and asked, of course, but that would have meant abandoning my muffin, and I wasn't about to do that. Instead, I emailed Boden HQ whilst I ate my muffin, and had a lovely response back before I'd even finished my latte. It was TRUE! The sale would be at Newcastle Racecourse on 11th & 12th March.

Boden don't advertise their regional sales - known as Town Hall Sales, although they do apparently send out details to certain customers. (Not sure what the criteria for this is, since I've been a Boden customer for a couple of years and I didn't get one. Sob.) So, even though I felt a bit like I was turning up to a party uninvited, I tootled up to the racecourse this morning and got there around 20 minutes before opening.

Now, I've been to a Joules Big Sale before, so I figured this would be similar - at the Joules sale I actually bought nothing though, as everything there was exactly the same stuff as Joules sell online in their outlet and there was very limited sizing. Bit of a disappointment, really. Because of this, I wasn't holding out too much hope of getting mega bargains from Boden. Still, no harm in looking though, right?!

As I arrived I saw there was already around 50 people queuing in front of me. By the time the doors opened at 10am, there were at least 100 people behind. Eeek!

Everything was arranged on tables in large plastic boxes by size and garment type. I made a beeline for the dresses, which the sign said were all £20 each. Woop! I was pleasantly surprised by the prices actually, as the full price of a Boden frock can range from £60 to £150 plus. We'd all been handed a basket-y type bag on our way in so I thought I'd grab everything I liked the look of, put it in my basket then sort through my haul later in a quiet corner (this seems to be the best way to shop at these sales).

There was plenty more to browse through after I'd picked out all the dresses I liked, and to give you an idea of prices, trousers were £20, jackets £40, coats £50, skirts £20, knitwear £20 upwards and tops £10 upwards. There was also a small selection of shoes and handbags which I tried to steer clear of as if I come home with any more of those I suspect I'll be divorced.

I picked out a few tops and a couple of pairs of trousers then took my entire haul to the makeshift fitting room that had been curtained off at one side of the room. Once I got inside I realised it would be almost impossible to try everything on properly anyway so instead I just sorted through my (now enormous) pile and *tried* to be sensible! Eventually I whittled my selection down to six dresses and five tops. I DEFINITELY could have bought more, but I really was trying my hardest to stick to the budget I'd set myself.

There wasn't a queue to pay as there was around 10 tills in operation, which I was relieved about as when I looked around there were now hundreds of people in the sale.

So, you want to know what I bought, right?!!! Well, here goes.....

 Isla Dress - I am so in love with this. it's wool - British wool, it's tartan, it has a full skirt....beautiful!

I'm not sure what this dress is called as I couldn't find it online, but I love the colours and the yellow back zip detail.

 Yasmin Dress, Chic Tweed Dress & Ponte Skater Dress (I got this is navy and black, the above shows the navy). These will all be perfect for work.

I am over the moon with my dress purchases. I love Boden dresses, they fit me perfectly and the quality is great. And £20 each? Total bargains! Before I went today I did have one particular dress in mind that I REALLY wanted: the Luxurious Lace Dress in navy and bronze, and although I did spy it in a couple of sizes, neither of them were mine. Boo!

These are the tops I got and were all £10 each. I am particularly excited about the Sparkle Collar Breton that I've been trying to get hold of for aaaaaages and the lace top which made me feel a little better about not being able to get the lace dress! The bright floral Eliza top will be perfect for Spring and the two long-sleeved leopard tees are definite wardrobe staples (I do love me some leopard). 

So all in all I got around £700 worth of stuff for £170. Uh-mazing!

So if you love Boden, and don't mind braving the crowds, I would definitely recommend going to one of their sales if you have one nearby. I have the day off work tomorrow, so I could go again, if I really wanted to. (OK let's be honest with each other - I WILL be there again tomorrow, in the hopes of finding *the dress*.)

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