Fenwick Newcastle Mini Haul

Last week I had a wander around one of my favourite stores in the entire world, Fenwick in Newcastle. Founded in 1882, the store has an old fashioned luxury feel to it and whenever I shop there I always feel like I've had a real treat (usually of the cake variety -  but I'll get to that!). I also usually spend way more than I was intending to, since Fenwick stock all of my favourite brands including Mulberry, Joules, Ted Baker, Reiss....oh, and the beauty hall is AMAZE.

The first thing that caught my eye was this super cute Coast raincoat from Joules. I know a few people who already have this in various colours including my blog buddy Chloe (who has the gorgeous bright yellow version). I was drawn to the navy, which has a kind of Paddington Bear vibe. Yes, I know I shouldn't really be dressing like a children's bear character in my thirties, but whatever. Look at the striped hood! And the super cute buttons! On a practical level, it's completely waterproof, so should save my hair on rainy days. And, I already have loads of stuff from Joules and in the main, it wears and washes really well. Oh, also, the Husband bought this for me, so technically it was free. Result!

So, since I saved money on my 'free' Joules coat, I decided I deserved a few treats from the Dior counter in the beauty hall. The one thing I actually needed was Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, which I've been using for a few months now and it's probably my favourite mascara to date. Not only does it lengthen and thicken lashes without clumping, but it also lasts all day without smudging under my eyes or leaving annoying flaky bits on my cheeks, like some other mascaras I've tried recently. It's not the cheapest mascara (around £24.50) but my reasoning (yes, I do that a lot) was that I was considering lash extensions, which would have cost around £60 and lasted around a month, whereas this was less than half that and the tube will probably last me around three months. So, a bargain, really.

The second thing I got was something I've needed for a while. Yes, needed. To cut a long story short, a long, long time ago (well, last year) I had a Dior highlighting compact called Diorskin Poudre Rose Diamond which was basically the most amazing product EVER. If I was looking tired, this stuff gave me a perky glow. It was like a MIRACLE. Ummm....and then I smashed it. Dropped it on the floor, and it shattered into a zillion little powdery particles. All over my suede Kurt Geiger boots, too. This was just before Christmas, and I'd had the compact for a couple of years by then, so it was, well, kind of like family, really. (Not exaggerating).

To make matters worse, I then discovered that this particular compact was discontinued. Gulp.So I had two options - either find a replacement product that was just as good, or rub my now glowing KG boots on my face every day. I tried the boot thing for a while, but that was just weird, so when I was at the Dior counter I asked if there was anything similar in the current Dior beauty range, and the assistant showed me Diorskin Nude Shimmer in pink, which not only comes in the most beautiful silver compact, but it's also limited edition, which obviously meant I HAD TO HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY. It's pretty much exactly the same as my old Dior powder, and I can't really explain it but it gives a glow unlike any other highlighting product I've tried. The combination of this powder and my current favourite Diorskin Star foundation  - which I also stocked up on - actually prompted a couple of people to comment on how nice my skin was looking, so I'm sold!

The last thing I had to pick up in Fenwick was a cake from the bakery counter in the food hall. I say had to pick up, because, well, I'm me, and I can't go anywhere - least of all Fenwick food hall - without buying cake. I usually go for a Pudding Parlour treat but this time decided on a Lottie McPhee's Neapolitan cupcake, which I saved until I got home to enjoy with a cuppa whilst I rested my feet, which were KILLING (when will I learn that shopping and heels do not mix). 

'Til next time! :)
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