Coffee With Currys at Revolution, Newcastle

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join a horde of other fabulous North East bloggers at Revolution Bar in Newcastle for a cocktail event organised by the lovely folk at Joe Blogs. Now, I've never, EVER refused a cocktail, so accepting the invite was a bit of a no brainer. So was leaving the car at home. Woop!

The event was sponsored by Currys as part of their #CoffeeWithCurrys campaign and we were to sample - and make our own - coffee cocktails. I'm not a huge coffee drinker really (I'm more of a Rington's tea girl) but, as I said, I never refuse a cocktail, so I was more than happy to sample away!

Thrift Shop Come-Ups

"I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket....."

Er...I'll stop now, because I am not Macklemore. I do have something in common with him, though - we both love a come-up (that means a bargain, apparently).

Thrift shops are funny old places. Long gone are the days when you could waltz in to your local with a fiver in hand, rummage around a bit and emerge with a Mulberry handbag and enough change to treat yourself to a battered sausage from the chippy on the corner. (I know someone who did pretty much exactly this a few years ago). I often check out the second-hand shops around the Kings Road and Pimlico when I'm in London because I'd read that the capital's thrift shops were awash with high end bargains, and indeed they are. They just have price tags to match. I didn't find any bargains in particular, in fact some of the stuff was pretty much what you'd pay for it new. (One example I saw was a second-hand French Connection cardigan for £30. THIRTY POUNDS! For a smelly old cardigan! I mean, ok, it wasn't old, or smelly...but thirty quid is steep for a high street brand.)

Anyway, I'm going off on one a bit. There are still bargains out there if you know where to look, and there is also a growing number of online second-hand stores, meaning no need to wade through rails of stuff - it's all just a keystroke away. Woop! There are loads out there -  OxfamEbay, of course - or one of the US sites: Twice and The Real Real are two I've been loving recently. I hate to state the obvious but everything is a one off, so if you see something you like, you have to buy it. HAVE TO. Obviously you take a chance on the condition of the item if you buy online, but in general I've had really good experiences.

The £18 Lemon Print Dress

Lemons. I love 'em. Not to eat, obviously, 'cause although I might look  like I've been sucking on one a lot of the time (it's just my face - I've been cursed with a naturally down-turned mouth), I couldn't eat one. I love the smell of lemons, though, and the shape of them. And the fact that they're yellow. So....yeah. Lemons.

So when I spotted this little number from George at Asda, I knew I had to have it immediately, for a few reasons: 1 - it's a super-cute fifties shape 2 - it's a bargainous £18, and 3 - well, obviously: the lemons!

George Asda Lemon Print Dress

#FenwickBeautyWeek at Fenwick, Newcastle

Over the last couple of weeks I've spent several hours and quite a few pennies in one of my favourite stores, Fenwick in Newcastle (see here. Oh, and here), so when an email from the store popped into my inbox last week, I thought it was either to tell me they're sick of the sight of me and never to darken their door again, or, to invite me to some fabulous in-store event. Luckily, it was the latter.

The £4 Paris Print Cami

A few weeks ago I posted about these breton beauties that I picked up in my local Lidl. Aside from being amazed that I could find such a thing amongst the fruit and veg (and macarons - for Lidl sell those too!), I was also impressed by the quality. Apparently I wasn't the only one, because when I went back the next day to buy more, there was just a big empty space where the clothes had been. (Obviously I couldn't leave empty handed, so I bought butter fudge. Two packs).

The best blusher EVERRRR. (For Real)

Blusher is, alongside mascara, my favourite beauty product. It's the one thing that can make the difference between me looking like a corpse and something resembling decent. If I don't wear blusher, people ask me if I'm ill. So, yeah. Blusher is kind of a requirement for me. I always find it difficult to find blushers that suit me, though. I'm pale, but not super pale. I have pink undertones, but also some yellow ones. I don't like too much shimmer, but I'm not a fan of flat matte shades. Sigh.

The Joiners Arms, Northumberland

It was the Husband's birthday a few weeks ago and, faced with the choice of going anywhere at all (within reason - I had to drive) to celebrate, he decided on a trip up to Northumberland and a night at The Joiners Arms in Newton-By-The-Sea, near Craster. We'd been wanting to try the Joiners for a while, having heard great things, and knowing that it gets booked up quickly, we were lucky enough to nab the last room available.