Coffee With Currys at Revolution, Newcastle

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join a horde of other fabulous North East bloggers at Revolution Bar in Newcastle for a cocktail event organised by the lovely folk at Joe Blogs. Now, I've never, EVER refused a cocktail, so accepting the invite was a bit of a no brainer. So was leaving the car at home. Woop!

The event was sponsored by Currys as part of their #CoffeeWithCurrys campaign and we were to sample - and make our own - coffee cocktails. I'm not a huge coffee drinker really (I'm more of a Rington's tea girl) but, as I said, I never refuse a cocktail, so I was more than happy to sample away!

We were given the opportunity to get behind the bar and mix up our own cocktails (with a lot of help and guidance from our teachers Rory and Josh) and I managed to create a rather delicious Espresso Noir cocktail containing cherry vodka, amaretto, cream, gomme syrup and of course coffee, without wrecking the joint. Errr...much (let's not mention my overly vigorous cocktail shaker-shaking which managed to dislodge a mug from it's hook behind the bar and narrowly missed knocking me out).

Now, like I say, I would never choose a coffee cocktail normally, but maaaaan this was good! A few of the others made different cocktails, all with a coffee kick, and I from what I heard, they were all equally yum.

The good people at Joe Blogs also gave us the opportunity to win a coffee machine courtesy of Currys, by tweeting at the event. Predictably, I got the hashtag wrong (this has happened a couple of times now, nothing to do with the cocktails. Or the shots that came afterwards. Honest, guv.) and was tweeting #CocktailsWithCurrys instead of #CoffeeWithCurrys all night. Funnily enough, I didn't win.

Anyhoo, I did manage to catch up with quite a few lovely #NEBloggers, some old ( know I don't actually mean oldChloe!) and some new (as a result I've discovered some fab new blogs to get stuck into), so all in all it was quite a tremendous evening! Add to that the fact that I came out totally wired from all the coffee and vodka and ready to party the night away...I didn't, of course, I went home and went to bed with my kindle. Still, a fab night all round!

Thanks to Joe Blogs for inviting me. Also, if you're interested in trying out your very own coffee cocktails (and let's face it, why wouldn't you?) there are some smashing recipes here.

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