The £18 Lemon Print Dress

Lemons. I love 'em. Not to eat, obviously, 'cause although I might look  like I've been sucking on one a lot of the time (it's just my face - I've been cursed with a naturally down-turned mouth), I couldn't eat one. I love the smell of lemons, though, and the shape of them. And the fact that they're yellow. So....yeah. Lemons.

So when I spotted this little number from George at Asda, I knew I had to have it immediately, for a few reasons: 1 - it's a super-cute fifties shape 2 - it's a bargainous £18, and 3 - well, obviously: the lemons!

George Asda Lemon Print Dress

 Let's be honest, fruit prints are nothing new - I've been dodging watermelon skirts and strawberry tees for a few years now - but I've found most a bit too cutesy for me, being thirty (something). This print looks quite grown up I think - it's vibrant without being too bright.

George Asda Lemon Print Dress

I think the print works perfectly with the design of the dress - the neckline is cut like a sweetheart which gives a vintage vibe, and the thick stretch cotton fabric is super flattering. It's a good length too - down to the knee on me (I'm 5ft 6"). If I had one criticism, it's that I would have preferred a pencil skirt rather than the slightly A-line shape that the dress is - but that's just me. For the price, I think this dress is a total winner for summer days (that's assuming we're going to have any).

George Asda Lemon Print Dress

What do you think?


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