The best blusher EVERRRR. (For Real)

Blusher is, alongside mascara, my favourite beauty product. It's the one thing that can make the difference between me looking like a corpse and something resembling decent. If I don't wear blusher, people ask me if I'm ill. So, yeah. Blusher is kind of a requirement for me. I always find it difficult to find blushers that suit me, though. I'm pale, but not super pale. I have pink undertones, but also some yellow ones. I don't like too much shimmer, but I'm not a fan of flat matte shades. Sigh.

Anyway, I found myself back at the Dior counter in Fenwick Newcastle on Saturday, just browsing, obvs. When I told the assistant I was looking for a new blush, she pointed me towards this - the Diorskin Rosy Glow blush, and said she'd try some on me. At first glance, I wanted to slap the product out of her hand and run for the door, for fear I'd end up leaving the counter looking like a clown (this blush looks super pink and quite bright in the pan). She explained, though, that despite the bright hue, the blusher actually goes on looking incredibly natural due to the fact that it reacts to your own skin, creating an individual blush colour depending on your complexion. 

After trying it and looking in the mirror...well, this is the blusher I have been looking for all my life!! It does indeed develop based on your own skintone, and for me is the perfect rosy pink which just seems to make me look more fresh and awake. Much as I hate posting selfies on here, I've attempted to show the colour above. I love that it looks natural, but noticeable. Glowy, but not sparkly. Perfect!! 

So, obviously I was SOLD on the blusher, and thought I might as well treat myself to a lippie, too. I fell in love with Rouge Dior Lip Blush in Swan, which is a gorgeous neutral pink shade that I think I'll wear loads. Oh, and I got a cute free gift too, with a red makeup bag, J'adore, mascara and skin care samples. Now though, I need to STEP AWAY FROM THE DIOR COUNTER. IT's too tempting, and I'm too weak. Let's see how that goes, huh?!

*Donut was for photographic purposes only. I definitely didn't eat it three seconds after this pic was taken. Definitely not. 

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