My Week In Shoes - Friday

Did I ever mention that I LOVE Kate Spade? (Oh I did? Right here? Ok then). Today's footwear of choice is these black croc slingbacks that I scored on Ebay. When they first arrived, I thought they looked far to narrow for my (wide, ridiculous, almost trotter-like) feet and they did pinch a little so I panicked that they might be relegated to the back of my wardrobe, only to be brought out every few months when I'd admire them whilst bemoaning my lack of neat, narrow, dainty footsies.


After pirouetting around the house in them for a while, though (actually it was more like twerking than pirouetting -  it was Pharrell Williams Hour on The Box), I found that the leather was so soft that not only did my feet fit in them, but the shoes were actually comfortable. Result!

These pretty much go with everything in my work wardrobe, so have become a bit of a shoe-wardrobe staple for me. And I only paid £20, so....SHOOO-BARGAAYYYNNNN!

Some Other Purdy Kate Spade Shoes


  1. Kate Spade! I'm so hunting on ebay for goodies like these from now on.

    Rosy |

    1. Do it!! I love EVERYTHING Kate Spade, her designs are so quirky & fun xx


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