My Week In Shoes - Wednesday

I was feeling a little monochrome this morning (Wednesday = bleurgh) so I decided on these Marc Jacobs peep-toes that I got a couple of months ago. Again these were thrifted - I think I paid £25ish. I love the white heel and stud detail and particularly the fact that they are the softest leather. This is actually the first time I've worn these outside and I was amazed by how comfy they are.

I think I've avoided wearing these on nights out as I had visions of me falling down a crack in the pavement (this happens WAY too regularly) and scraping the pristine white heels (cue crying, wailing, and screams of 'I'VE RUINED ME SHOOOOOZZZZ!!!') but actually, as the heels aren't too thin I think they'd be ok.

Wearing these beauties also gave me an excuse to pull out my much-loved Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah bag that I've had for a good few years now. I'm thinking my shoesies must be an older style, too, as I can't find them online.

Some other cute Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes.

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