Worth the Hype? - St Tropez In Shower Tan

Since I am a sucker for anything new-fangled, as soon as I saw that St Tropez were bringing out an in-shower tan I had to try it. The idea is that you massage it onto your skin in the shower, wait three minutes and rinse it off. You're then beautifully bronzed. Err...kind of.

I tried this out this morning. During the three minute wait time, you have to shut off the shower and...well, just wait, really. It gets pretty cold, I can tell you. I also forgot to take my phone or a timer into the bathroom with me, so I resorted to counting one elephant, two elephants, three elephants...whilst waiting for the three minutes to pass. I was relieved when I was able to rinse it off - beware though, this stuff makes the shower floor slippery. VERY slippery. I've already ripped my shower curtain off it's rail on more than one occasion previously as a result of super-slippy shower-goo so I was extra careful with this. You have been warned, though!

So this product claims to develop within a few hours. Well...I applied it this morning, and so far I haven't noticed any change. I *think* there may be a slight glow, but I can't be sure. This is a gradual tanning product to be fair, so I'll probably need a few more applications to get a decent colour.

Overall...I'm on the fence. I like the idea of applying in the shower to reduce mess (I don't know about you but normally when I self tan my bathroom ends up looking like it's been pebble-dashed. Err..in fake tan. Obvs). But I'm a lazy fake tanner. I like results. Fast results.

A while ago I reviewed the Express Mousse from St Tropez. You apply this one to dry skin using a mitt, give it 1-3 hours then wash off and ta-dah! Tanned. Only negative is that the initial application colour makes me look like I've rubbed old tea bags all over myself, so I can't really go anywhere while it develops which makes it a bit of a hassle. So, for a night out, if I have enough prep time, I'll stick to the mousse. For daily use, the in-shower product is worth a whirl.

Oh, wanna know how you can get a full size St Tropez In Shower tan, gradual facial tanner & makeup bag for free....ish? If you subscribe to Red Magazine via this link you can get 3 issues plus all of the above for £3. (Just remember to cancel your direct debit if you don't want further issues after the first three).

Have you tried St Tropez In Shower Tan? What did you think?

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