On The David Gandy Trail in That London

A couple of weeks ago I went to London for the weekend to see Matilda (more on that in a bit). We'd had it planned for a few weeks so when I learned, a couple of days before I went, that London Collections Men was taking place in the capital that very weekend, it seemed like fate.

See, LCM is basically like Fashion Week for fellas. Events take place across the capital and super famous, super hot British male models and celebrities flock to attend. Like David Gandy. *sighs*

Now, over the last year or so I've had a couple of conversations on Twitter with David and his PA (who, by the way, might just have the best job in THE WORLD). So I thought, on my way down to London, I'd just ask whether or not David would be around. Y'know, just on the off chance (I knew he was attending a charity LCM event that evening hosted by Samuel L Jackson, but for some reason the organisers didn't seem keen to let me come. I'd sent emails and tweets, and...nada. Hmph). David's PA was, probably quite rightly, very cagey. Like I said, I'm not sure I'd tell me either. Still, all wasn't lost. We (this is the Husband and me. He likes David Gandy too. Although obviously not in that way) were staying at our favourite London hotel The Cavendish in Mayfair which is actually located on the corner of Duke Street and Jermyn Street, where a lot of posh men's clothes shops are, and therefore, it seemed a load of LCM stuff was going down.

Of course, there were other priorities to consider, like the fact that I wanted a lipstick from Burberry Beauty Box in Covent Garden, some stationery from Liberty and to go and feed squirrels in St James's Park (obvs) so any attempts to locate David had to be put on the back burner while we wandered around doing London-y things. I had heard on the grapevine though, that there was to be an LCM fashion show right outside our hotel on Jermyn Street the next day. David's PA couldn't confirm anything, but it was worth a punt, yes?

After a lovely night drinking cocktails in the the hotel bar, and the most yummy breakfast the next morning (I definitely recommend The Cavendish's breakfast) The Husband and I managed to get ourselves invited into the fashion show and sat awkwardly amongst some super-trendy fashion types in long macs and fedoras. There was actually a lot of security around so this got my hopes up that DG might actually make an appearance.

He didn't, though. There were some lovely models, but none of them were David.

To console ourselves, we headed over the road to eat our body weight in ice cream at the amazing Parlour in Fortnum & Mason. We shared a sundae called The Original Dusty Road, made up of chocolate and coffee ice cream drizzled in butterscotch sauce. It was good. So good.

Next we had to hot-foot it to The Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda, and for anyone thinking of going to see it - GO NOW. TODAY. It's that good. I have long been a fan of the book, and the film too, and was so excited to see how scenes like Miss Trunchbull swinging Amanda Thripp around by her pigtails would be done IRL. I won't spoil it but suffice to say it did not disappoint!

That took us to the end of our second day in London and by this point I'd pretty much come to accept that meeting David was not to be, and, if I was honest, I had no idea what I'd say to him even if I did. I asked the Husband what he'd say. 'Probably just, 'I like your shoes' or something', was his reply. I'm not sure David would be missing much.

On the train home, I had a perv peek through DG's instagram. It showed that he had indeed been at lots of LCM events over the weekend, in fact, the previous day, whilst I'd been sat in the bar at The Cavendish, he'd been at an event on Duke Street, RIGHT OUTSIDE.

I can't even.
Well I mightn't have seen Mr Gandy, but I did make a new furry friend. Every cloud :)
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