A Life Update, My Depop Experience...& Some Shopping*

(*because let's be honest, that's why you're really here, isn't it? ;-) )

Okay...errmmm....righttttt...well. This is kind of embarrassing, actually. Because I have been - for want of a better word - absent from all things bloggy for a few weeks now. I do have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: I have been immersed in the horror that is Moving House. What's so horrific about it? Well, apart from the mountains of paperwork to be filled in, endless cleaning of the house you're trying to sell, (and I've gone through seven Yankee Candles. SEVEN! The big ones!), the stress over whether you're doing the wrong thing and will never find a new house to move to, as well as, once you do find one, the sleepless nights worrying that the whole thing will fall right through...need I say more? And I've not even moved yet! (Breathes deeply for ten seconds). 

 Anyhoo. I'm happy to report that, despite what those in the medical profession might say, Prosecco does help and chocolate will make everything okay. So, as it stands, we're waiting for solicitors and estate agents and surveyors and all that jazz, to get a moving date (and then I can start buying housey things. Yay!).

In the meantime, I have been attempting to declutter by listing a load of stuff on Depop (@isitjustmeme). I have found though, that it's quite hard to sell on Depop. I've dealt with some lovely people, who have been polite and pleasant and everything's gone great. On the other hand, though, I've also had dealings with some right pain-in-the-arses who want everything now, for next to nothing, with free postage. Oh, and then there are the ones who ask to buy something, so you set it up, then they don't pay and never contact you again. So! I'm still a bit on the fence with Depop for selling - I'm going to persist, but I don't think I'll be ditching Ebay just yet.

At the same time that I've been clearing stuff out, decluttering ready for my move, I've err, also managed to acquire quite a bit of new stuff. Yes, yes, I know, you don't have to say it. I don't really know how it happened myself. Well actually, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so obviously I got a few bits 'n' bobs then. I've already shared a couple on my insta (@isitjustmeme) but in case you haven't seen it, I got, amongst other things, this - a new Kate Spade bag from the Husband. Okay, so it's a keychain, but isn't it ADORBS?! (I really must stop using words I hear on ITVBe). 

I love it for the novelty value (and the fact that it is currently half price in the sale - I'm not sure the Husband would have bothered if it'd been at it's full price of £50 - yikes!) but it's actually surprisingly practical too as it doubles up as a dinky coin purse. I've clipped mine to my blue Wellesley tote where it's out on display and I can admire it at any given opportunity. 

I always use my birthday as an excuse to buy a new foundation. I'm getting older (to state the obvious), my skin is changing, I want to try something new. Step forward Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet. I've wanted to try this for a while, ever since my fave You Tuber Stephanie Lange said it's good for oily skin. Having used it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm it's very nice, it gives a glowy look that the Husband said looked like I'd been on a brisk walk (although, I had just brought our bins in, up the steps to our garden, which is quite a challenge, especially in heels, I can tell you). I didn't find it amazing for oil control, though, and I'm not even that oily anymore (the one benefit I've found to getting older. Whoopee.) Comparing the Chanel to my current favourite foundation, Dior Star, I'd probably say I'm still leaning towards Star for nights when I want to look fresh and not have my face slide off when it gets hot. If you're more of a normal/dry skinned gal then the Chanel may work better for you. 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet
I still haven't mastered the art of taking photos of shiny things without getting myself in the pic. D'oh.
Also, since the whole point of a birthday is to 'Treat Yo'Self' (ITVBe again), I coerced the Husband into buying me a cashmere jumper from Boden, because if cashmere isn't a treat then what is? I chose this neutral camel shade (now sold out), as I know I will wear it loads as it gets colder. And it's so soft! I can't wait to wear it and am already planning on pairing it with my cosy Ugg loafers in the autumn. 

Boden cashmere and Ugg loafers

So, since I've mentioned my birthday, I feel I must address the elephant in the room: the lack of birthday wishes from a certain Mr D Gandy. Now, there is a story attached to this, but I won't....oh wait, what's that you say? You want to hear all about it? Oh, okay then, If you insist. 

Well, I'd heard David likes to wish his fans happy birthday. I'm a fan, albeit a slightly crazed, stalkerish one, if my previous post is anything to go by, but a fan all the same. With this in mind, my friend Andrea set about arranging for Mr G to wish me a happy birthday on facebook. She messaged him, to which he replied, asking for a link to my page. Andrea posted it on his wall. A lot of other very nice people wished me a happy birthday, including Laura, David's PA. David did not. I am unsure what happened, but can only assume that he either a), didn't see the post, or, b), saw it, realised it was me, and thought 'There's no way I'm wishing her a happy birthday, she's freakin' crazy'. I have to hope it was the former. 

As consolation for not getting a happy birthday wish from DG, I stopped by Betty's in York and got myself a bumblebee cake. I'm not going to lie, it did go some way to easing my disappointment. And there's always next year, I suppose. 

Betty's bumblebee cake

So that's it for now - I always worry I'll ramble on for ages if I don't stop myself - but I will be back later on this week with more decluttering-by-buying-more-stuff posts. Let me know your thoughts on Depop. And tiny handbags. And bumblebee cakes, if you want. 

:) xx

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