Boden Sale Bargains

I've bought a few bits from Boden before, so when I noticed last week that they had an additional 20% off sale prices, I put in a cheeky order. Although I initially had thirteen items in my basket (!), in the end I was quite restrained and whittled it down to three, what with needing to keep my cash for our upcoming house move (and I'm meant to be getting rid of stuff, not acquiring more, but never mind). 

I went for:

I have, for a while, noticed a navy-shoe-gap in my wardrobe. I have loads of navy office wear for work, preferring it to black, but never bought any navy shoes. Unsure why. So, I saw these and thought they'd fit the bill. I have a few pairs of Boden shoes and they are beautifully made, so for a little over £20, these were a total bargain, I thought. I've worn them twice for work this week, though, and they have started squeaking when I walk, which is a bit annoying. Not loudly, it's like a small mouse squeak level, but annoying all the same. They have also creased across the front making them look a bit worn. It's not the end of the world, but if I'd paid the full price (£99), I would NOT have been happy! Boden are usually great with their customer service though so I'm sure it wouldn't have been an issue. As it is, I'm going to keep them and hope the creasing doesn't get worse and the squeaking doesn't get any louder, like to size-of-a-small-dog-rat squeak level, or I'll have a problem. 

Image from Boden website
Betty Top in Ivory

This is showing as completely sold out now which is a shame as I was contemplating going back for another colour. I thought this top was a nice basic that would go with lots - jeans, skirts...pretty much everything, really. I like the ruffle neckline and button detail. It's light, so a bit see through, but I often find that with lighter coloured tops so I have plenty of camis and vests to see to that. This worked out at around £8 with the additional 20% discount so a good reduction from the original £49 price. 

Obviously this isn't the ivory version, which I can't find a pic of ANYWHERE.
Image from Boden website. 

This is so far from anything I'd normally wear, but I liked the colours and the model in the pic looked like she was having so much fun (obviously down to the dress). I, so far, haven't had any fun in the dress. This is mainly because it's rained pretty much every day since my Boden delivery arrived, and I definitely think this is a sunny-day-dress. Fingers crossed I'll get a chance to wear it this year. It's a nice, thick, structured cotton and the shape is good too. I'm not sure why it doesn't have a belt as I think this would make it look so much better, but for £18 it was such a good buy that I'm sure I can work around that issue (by, errmm, buying a belt). 

Image from Boden website
All of these pieces have now sold out in the colours I got - there are some other options still available - but I always keep an eye on Boden's website when I'm after something as stock often reappears. Another good place to check out is Boden's Ebay Shop which often has great bargains too (the cashmere jumper I mentioned in my last post came from here). 

So that's IT - definitely no more shopping for me! Not until I move. Definitely. No. More. For definite. Yup. 

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