Bargain Alert! Ugg Demi Boots

Look at the little pic just to your right here on my blog. What's it telling you? That's right, it's just a little mantra I like to remind myself of frequently - LIFE IS SHORT, BUY THE SHOES. Hey, I don't need convincing at the best of times, but when 'The Shoes' are investment-worthy Uggs which are not only well made and will last, but are also all kinds'a comfy. (Yes, yes, I'm back on the 'comfortable shoe' bandwagon - for now anyway. I'm sure I'll buy myself a totally inappropriate and highly uncomfortable pair of heels very, very soon).

Saying Goodbye To The Best Brows I Never Had

Not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog before but I've had more than a bit of brow trauma during my lifetime. When I was a kid, I had dark - almost black, bushy, unruly brows. Obviously the complete opposite of brow fashion at the time, which was of the 'oh, those two biro lines above my eyes? They're actually my brows, dontcha know' variety. Made worse by the fact that I was naturally light blonde, so I spent most of my school days being asked if I dyed my hair (I didn't - until much later), and, by one moron, whether I dyed my eyebrows.

So fast forward to the mid noughties, and I've pluck, pluck, plucked my way to thin, groomed brows. Phew! Finally my brows are the height of fashion! Errmm...for about a minute, until bushy brows came back. Darnit! S'ok though, I'll just grow them back out. Easy peasy! Except then there were horror stories about how some pluck-happy gals just could not get their brows to grow back, no matter what they did. Gulp. So for one whole year I did not pluck. (oh ok, I lightly plucked. Let's be real here - I want bushy, not mono-brow). And my brows grew back. Sweet Jesus! I was brow-happy once more.

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer Launch at Fenwicks Newcastle

Recently I was invited to an event at Fenwick Newcastle held by the gals from Dermalogica. The event was to celebrate the launch of Dermalogica's new Hydrablur Primer which I was interested to learn is suitable for all skin types - I say this because I hadn't yet found a primer that works on my whole face (dry cheeks, oily tee - you know the score) so the prospect of one that could tackle all areas of the minefield that is my boat-race was appealing.