Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer Launch at Fenwicks Newcastle

Recently I was invited to an event at Fenwick Newcastle held by the gals from Dermalogica. The event was to celebrate the launch of Dermalogica's new Hydrablur Primer which I was interested to learn is suitable for all skin types - I say this because I hadn't yet found a primer that works on my whole face (dry cheeks, oily tee - you know the score) so the prospect of one that could tackle all areas of the minefield that is my boat-race was appealing.

I've used a fair few products from Dermalogica over the years but never really stuck with any in particular. I'm not sure why, as I've always been quite impressed with the results of the products - I'm ashamed to admit it but I suspect it's because Dermalogica packaging is, well, it's quite basic. And I'm shallow when it comes to stuff like that. I know I shouldn't be, and the Dermalogica girls confirmed this by explaining the company's philosophy: the brand is simply focused on skin health. No gimmicks, no huge claims of new technology, no fancy packaging (I know, I know!), and most importantly, no common skincare irritants (alcohol, artificial fragrances and the like) and no animal testing.

After a chat through the products and a glass of Prosecco (*most awkward moment of the evening = when the Dermalogica ladies ask if anyone would like a glass of wine, and I'm the only one who says yes. This happens more often than you'd think), we're given the opportunity to try out Dermalogica's famous skin mapping. This involves one of the most terrifying experiences of my life - putting my face into one of those UV light machines to see the condition of my skin. After I got over the initial shock, I was interested to learn that I had congestion in my forehead and chin area (Note one - must exfoliate more), and dehydration on my cheeks and - weirdly - the end of my nose. (Note two -  go to the water machine at work to get water, not just to chat).

So, onto the primer. I've been using this for two weeks since the event - I find that with primers I need to try them out with various combos of foundations, powders, concealers et al to see how they fare. The Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer claims to minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores, mattify shine and give skin a luminous finish. Where most other primers are purely cosmetic, Hydrablur is also a skincare product, working away to hydrate the skin (and I need this - remember the end of my nose?). So after trying it out over a few very long days at work, I found that actually, Hydrablur did seem to make my makeup last longer. The mattifying effect was obvious as soon as I applied the product, and I definitely didn't need to touch up as much during the day. Pores? Well, they were certainly less visible when I first applied my makeup, but by later on in the afternoon they had reappeared, albeit more matte than usual. Gah! I'm not sure I noticed much luminosity, but this may be more evident if wearing the product without foundation on top. So in conclusion? This is a pretty good primer. It's probably the closest I've found to one which mattifies my t zone and doesn't dry out other areas of my face, so I'm pretty happy with that and I'll be continuing to use it. If you too are a combo gal, it may work for you. I still don't love Dermalogica packaging, but I definitely appreciate that the research and technology that goes into their products is the focus. the moral of the story? What's inside is most definitely what counts.

Thanks to Dermalogica and Fenwicks for inviting me to the event.

*I was given this product byDermalogica to try out and review. All views are my own, and opinions, as always, are honest.

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