Bargain Alert! Ugg Demi Boots

Look at the little pic just to your right here on my blog. What's it telling you? That's right, it's just a little mantra I like to remind myself of frequently - LIFE IS SHORT, BUY THE SHOES. Hey, I don't need convincing at the best of times, but when 'The Shoes' are investment-worthy Uggs which are not only well made and will last, but are also all kinds'a comfy. (Yes, yes, I'm back on the 'comfortable shoe' bandwagon - for now anyway. I'm sure I'll buy myself a totally inappropriate and highly uncomfortable pair of heels very, very soon).

So, back to the Uggs. One of my fave shoe sites is Shoeaholics, which I think everyone knows by now is run by the good people at Kurt Geiger, except it's miles cheaper (think sale stock, ex-display and end-of-line). I actually try to avoid browsing the site too often, for fear I'll go wild and spend all my wages on 5 pairs of stilettos, which will then arrive at my door in a box big enough to hide a body in. (This actually happened - the 5 pairs and huge box, I mean - there was no body in it, thank goodness).

One thing I did need, though, was a new pair of comfy but smart leather boots to wear with jeans on the weekends. I've been relying on my old faithful grey Ugg Bailey Buttons for too long now and I really needed something smarter. Step forward Demi - a sort of rider-chelsea boot cross in soft leather with rubber soles and sheepskin insoles. And the come in little individual shoes bags. LITTLE INDIVIDUAL SHOE BAGS! (It really is the small things, isn't it?) Oh, and did I mention they were sub £70*? Bargain!

I've had my boots for a couple of weeks now and they've had plenty of wear. I can confirm they are super-comfy and cosy and I do love the look of them. I went for the brown to wear with jeans but I am considering the black now....thoughts?


*At the time of ordering Shoeaholics had 20% off everything. This has since ended, but you do get 15% off for signing up to their newsletter, which will bring these beauties in at under £70. sweet!
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