bareMinerals Surprise Collection

Recently, I've been trying to live frugally. I say trying, because, obviously, there are some things you just need, like shampoo, new socks and Warburton's Giant Crumpets. But on the whole, I've really cut down my spending. I haven't really bought any make up, for example, for ages, despite seeing piles of newly launched fabulous looking stuff I want to try, AND despite me running out of some of my favourite daily products. I'm trying to use up everything I already own (This should take -  ooooh -  around ten years, I'd think).

Anyway, that was all going swimmingly, I was feeling all smug about not spending, and then bareMinerals emailed with their Surprise Collection offer. This is an deal they do every once in a while where you get six random products with a value of over £100 for £35. So there's me, trying not to buy anything, avoiding spending on even my most used beauty products. But this was bareMinerals (one of my all time fave beauty brands) and the contents were a surprise. Possibly items I'd never have chosen or would never use. But: A SURPRISE, PEOPLE! So obviously I bought one immediately.

So, what was inside? Well actually, I'm pleasantly surprised by the...errr...surprise. And coincidentally, one of the products I got is actually something I use daily - and was running short on. Make up fate, anyone?

Firstly I got an All-Over Face Colour compact in Elation, a glowy golden-pink. It looks like this was part of a giftset, possibly from QVC, but it's a nice looking compact (I much prefer the silver of this to the usual black bM packaging) and I'll definitely use it. Along with the Marvellous Moxie lip gloss in Heartbreaker; I love Moxie glosses and this is a subtle pinky-nude shade that I can add to my ridiculously huge collection of lip colours in hundreds of different shades of pinky-nude. Most likely I'll just keep this in one of my handbags in case of a lipgloss emergency. Then there's the Exhilarate blush powder which is nice but.....meh. I have tons of blushes and pretty much always use the same Dior one, so I can't see me using this tawny, almost brick-toned pink much.

The other three products are all eye stuff. One of them - Prime Time Eyelid Primer is, as I mentioned, something I already use very day and LOVE, as it's pretty much the only lid primer I've tried that works for me. Total bonus, as I was starting to panic slightly at the thought of running out of this. Next is a Lasting Liner pencil in Forever Brandy - brown, basically - but again I'll use this, as I only ever use brown pencil liners, and the bM ones do last a lot longer on my eyes that other brands. Lastly I got an eyeshadow duo on The Scenic Route, a neutral cream and khaki combo. I'm totally having a khaki moment right now so this is actually perfect - I used this today and the shadows are soft but well pigmented and easy to blend. Result!

Oh, I also got a sample of Prime Time Foundation Primer, which I also already use. So, out of six full size items, only 1 item was something I probably wouldn't have chosen. Worth it? Well, for me, yes. And the combined value of the products is over £100, so for £35 - thumbs up I reckon.

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