Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

I've been in a bit of a skincare bubble recently, as I've been trialling some yet-to-launch skin products for a well-known cosmetic brand (all hush hush at the mo - I'll post more details as soon as I'm allowed!) and was told to use that and only that for the month of March. All well and good, but the range I was trying out didn't include a masque. And I love a good masque, me.

So it was amazing timing by the lovely ladies at dermalogica when they invited me to Fenwick, Newcastle to give their new Charcoal Rescue Masque a whirl. I always go for clay-based masques (GlamGlow was my go-to for a good few months last year...until the time came to repurchase, and I couldn't quite stomach the £50 price tag a second time), so this new dermalogica offering is right up my street.

This masque claims to brighten skin whilst giving it a really good clean. Does it? Well....yes it does, actually. Maybe it's something to do with the ingredients which include volcanic ash and sulfur. It dries to a tight finish like other clay masques, yet once you wet your face it's easy to remove. It also has exfoliating ingredients so as you remove it, it buffs the skin leaving it fresh and glowy. I did notice that my combo-dehydrated skin felt super clean but a little dry afterwards, so I slapped on tons of moisturiser (err...not literally) - it felt like a bit of a skin-treat, actually.

So how does it measure up to the likes of Glamglow? Well, the Charcoal Rescue masque has a thinner consistency, so it's easier to spread on the face - it's also easier to remove. Both masques give that 'glowy' finish to the skin that I'd expect from a high end masque. Anther huge tick for dermalogica's is that it comes in a tube rather than a tub, so won't dry out as quickly. Price wise, Charcoal Rescue is £38 so slightly cheaper than Glamgow too.

All in all this is a really nice masque that does live up to it's brightening claims, although a good moisturiser is a must afterwards. Thanks again to the Dermalogica ladies for inviting me to try it!
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