My Show Beauty Blowdry at House of Fraser, IntuMetrocentre

I've raved a fair bit about how amazing Show Beauty products are. If you're not familiar with the brand, then I can only describe it as the most glamorous, lust-worthy hair styling collection you'll ever see. That actually work. FACT.

I've been using the Pure Treatment Oil for several months now before blow-drying, and apart from leaving my usually frizzy ends smooth and sleek, it also makes my hair smell divine all day. (I can often be found discreetly sniffing my hair, and this is why.) I've more recently started spritzing the Premiere Finishing Spray over my finished style before leaving the house on a morning, and I love that I only need to use the tiniest amount to keep things in place without that crunchy, straw-like feeling some hairsprays give.

In addition to the styling range, Show also have a number of Show Dry Bars across the country, including one at my local House of Fraser, IntuMetrocentre. The counter offers a range of hair styling services including the Signature Blow Dry which promises voluminous, shiny red-carpet-worthy hair (basically my ultimate hair goal), and I finally got the chance to give it a whirl earlier this week. Woop!

So, I took my seat at the styling bar and my Show Beauty Stylist, Marie talked me through the concept behind the brand. Created by Tamara Ecclestone - who's nothing if not glamorous  - the products are designed to give a luxurious finish whilst being free of sulphate and paraben nasties. Marie explained that although the brand currently focus on styling products, there will be shampoo and conditioners launching very soon.

After washing my hair, Marie applied a combination of Sheer Thermal Protect and Divine Thickening Lotion before drying in sections with a round brush, and using sectioning clips to hold the hair in place while it set. I took this opportunity for a mid-style-selfie:

Marie then removed the clips and used Premiere Dry Shampoo on my roots to give even more volume, which she said is, for her, the stand out product of the range. Dry shampoo is usually my last-resort when my hair is looking a bit flat or greasy, as I'm always wary of using more than a tiny bit in case I end up with grey roots (or should I say, grey-ER roots). This one though, seemed to disappear, giving volume without my hair feeling clogged up. Result!

After gently brushing through to enhance the shine, Marie set my new bouncy style with a spritz of my favourite Finishing Spray, and I was done! The first thing I noticed was how vibrant my colour looked - I try not to dye my hair as much as I used to, so I often think it looks dull and lacklustre. But after my Show dry, my colour looked like it'd been freshly applied.

....and after
After thanking Marie and telling her I'd be back for her to style my hair like this every morning for the rest of my life, I put my blow dry to the real test - a night out. (Oh, okay -  it was a quiet meal at a country pub. But still, I wanted to see how my voluminous locks fared. Especially since it was drizzly and a bit windy).

So this is what my hair looked like once I got home - I was still amazed by how shiny and healthy my hair looked, I spent a good five minutes just swishing in front of the mirror.

So the verdict? At £25, the Signature Blow Dry is definitely something I'll be booking back in for next time I have an event to go to - I'm looking forward to trying the shampoo and conditoners and I'm impressed with all the products I tried  - in particular the dry shampoo. And, yes the products are pricey - the Treatment Oil costs £50 and the Finishing Spray £30, but I only need to use a tiny amount of both and also, I've lost track of the amount of cash I've wasted on hair products that don't deliver, so...worth it? I think so. And then there's how gorgeous they look on my bathroom shelf, obvs.

Have you tried Show Beauty?


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