A (Frizzy) Luxe-Lover's Dream - Show Beauty Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Ahhhh, winter. Cosy knits, bobble hats and hot chocolate, I love. Frizzy, dry, dehydrated hair, I do not love.

You know the deal: you're up at some crazy hour, it's still pitch black outside, and you're doing your best to perfect your tresses for the day ahead: waving, smoothing and tszujing (yes, I did have to google that spelling). It looks okay... (from what you can see - why is it that lightbulbs nowadays are crazy-dim?!), then you head out into the icy winter morning to scrape the car, where of course you'll need the heating on full blast for the drive to work - because otherwise you'd simply freeze - then you get to work, look in the mirror and realise your shiny waves have disappeared and you now look like a power-ballad crooning rockstar from the '80s. And '80s rockstar hair certainly has it's place, but 8am on a Monday morning in the office IS NOT IT.