Silidyn Supplement Review - UPDATE!

Let me start by saying that I'm not one for taking supplements. I have tried a few, years ago, but nothing I used seemed to have any impact and I became somewhat cynical about these types of products. Do we really need them? Is it all just a big con to get you to fork out a few quid on something which promises you'll look ten years younger after a week? So, yeah, a bit cynical.

It's been years since I've used any supplements, but back in November I was given the opportunity to try Silidyn, and I thought, heck, why not? I'm a little less cynical nowadays (I hope, anyway), so, Silidyn - what's the deal?

Silidyn's tag line is 'Replenishing our silicon intake & maintaining good health'. Now I'm going to be completely honest here and say I didn't know I needed to replenish my silicon intake. I didn't even know I HAD a silicon intake. Cue a bit of research, and I find out that silicon - also known as Orthosilicic acid - is an essential nutrient for strong bones and healthy connective tissue, as well as the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

So why do we need this? Well, over the last hundred years, intake of silicon in the UK has fallen by 50%, due to changes in our diets. Signs of a silicon deficiency include fragile nails, loss of skin elasticity and hair that breaks easily - which mine does. I suspect the constant dyeing and re-dyeing (since I can never settle on a hair colour, it seems) doesn't help, either, but if this little bottle could improve my brittle locks, it's worth a shot, isn't it?

The levels of silicon Silidyn offers would be difficult to achieve through diet alone - that is, unless you really love bananas - you'd need to eat 35 a DAY to get the same effect. I don't even like bananas, unless you count the foam sweet variety, so there's another reason for me to try this. Alongside silicon, the formula also contains the minerals zinc, Manganese, Selenium, MSM, Boron and Maritime pine bark extract. Now I'm not even going to pretend to know what most of these are, but there's lots of info on the benefits of each ingredient in the formulation here.

Silidyn doesn't come in tablet form (which I'm glad about - I have major gaggage issues with pills) but rather in a liquid, which you add to a hot or cold drink every day. After reading the directions before using for the first time I saw that you need to add ten drops to your drink, which seems like a LOT, and I was worried it would make my Irn Bru....errr...I mean, my Earl Grey, taste vile. Actually, I could't taste it at all. After that first day, I got into a routine of adding the Silidyn drops to a glass of orange juice each morning, feeling super smug that I was a fully fledged supplementer. (Yes, I know that's not a thing, but let's go with it, ok?)

Two weeks into the trial and I came down with the lurgy, aka a cold. I continued with the supplements but wasn't sure if I was seeing any benefit due to how rotten I felt (and looked). Once I started feeling better, though, I began to to notice that my hair felt a little stronger, looked a little shinier - could it be the Silidyn?

I've now been using Silidyn for six weeks, far so good. I can't say whether I've experienced an improvement in bone and connective tissue health, obvs, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the effect on my hair and also my skin, which seems brighter and clearer. I have to confess that I have been making a concious effort to drink more water too, though, which will also help.

a smug me after 6 weeks of supplementin'
So, what's the overall verdict? Well - Silicon is proven to prevent brittle bone disease and arthritis, as well as the outer effects of improving skin, hair and nails, so taking the supplement certainly can't hurt. I'm going to persist with Silidyn for a while longer as I'm hoping I may see more results as time goes on - six weeks probably isn't long enough to get the full effect and, since it's tasteless and hassle-free, it's a really easy way to incorporate supplements into my diet.

Have you tried Silidyn? Let me know your thoughts.



UPDATE 07.02.2017

So! Here I am back again, after using Silidyn for a further three weeks. There is actually a pretty decent supply in that little bottle! I did have a few days off from taking the supplement - I just forgot to take it for a week or so - and again, I'm sceptical about whether it's just my brain finding issues where there are none, but I felt like my hair had a little less lustre, and felt a bit more lank than usual after those few days off. Once I started taking Silidyn again it seemed to improve, though, so....

Now I have the issue: to continue, or not to continue? Well, my feelings haven't really changed - I do think I've noticed improvements, to my hair in particular, I'm not sure on any internal benefits, but there's no harm in continuing to use the product, is there? I've certainly seen no negative effects, so I'd like to carry on using it longer term. I know some other bloggers have been trialling Silidyn too, so I'm interested to read their thoughts. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you feel like your hair, skin and nails need a boost, as I said, there's certainly no harm in it, and let's be honest, any improvement is always a bonus.

* I was sent Silidyn to try in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the guys at Silidyn and 30PlusBlogs for the opportunity! x
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