Lady Emblem Elixir by MontBlanc

You know you've spritzed on something distinctive when people actually ask you what fragrance you're wearing because it smells so good - this has happened to me since I started wearing Lady Emblem Elixir. It's such sweet, yet light scent, with an unusual mix of notes - rose, honey and spices, orange blossom and vanilla to name a few. There are so many ingredients to this fragrance that it'd take an age to list them all - but what it results in is a beautifully unusual scent.

One thing I noticed immediately about Lady Emblem Elixir is that it smells as good at the end of the day as it did when I sprayed it on in the morning - no need to keep topping up with this!

Then there's the bottle - how pretty is this?

It's a gorgeous addition to my dressing table. Inspired by the Montblanc diamond, this rose gold beauty is just stunning. It fits perfectly with the scent - unusual, but beautiful and distinctive.

I'd not tried any MontBlanc fragrances before so was really interested to try this - I wasn't sure what I'd think, as I had it in my head that the fragrances would be stuffy and old fashioned. I couldn't have been more wrong! Perfect for a summer evening.

Lady Emblem Elixir by Mont Blanc priced at £54 for 50ml EDP.

*Thanks to Kenneth Green Associates who provided me this fragrance for review.
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