North East Charity Shop Gems

You know it - I LOVE a chazza shop fashion bargain. It's undoubtedly become harder to find decent picks in the last few years, mind you - you're more likely to find a sea of Primark cast-offs that you couldn't pay me to wear in most of the charity shops around here - but there are a few gems. So here are my pick of the best places in the North East to pop some tags.....

St Oswald's Boutique, Hazelwood Avenue, Jesmond. 

Clue's in the name with this one: boutique. A super cheap bargain bucket this ain't - St Oswald's clearly send their best donations here - but it essentially is still a charity shop so prices aren't unreasonable, either. This is the place to come if you're looking for higher end high street brands - think Hobbs, Boden and Mint Velvet. Goods are neatly arranged by size and colour and the shop definitely has a more upscale feel.

Recent finds: Hobbs black patent courts - £6.50, Boden striped trousers - £8, Fat Face hoodie - £6.

Scope, Fore Street, Hexham.

Hexham has a number of charity shops but this is my favourite. Neatly arranged with a good selection of brands, I've also found a decent amount of brand new Boden stuff here on occasions - rumour has it that they donate past-season stock to Scope stores every once in a while so there are definitely bargains to be found. I've seen a lot of M&S, Phase Eight and Warehouse here,too.

Recent finds: Boden dress - £10, Phase Eight dress - £6.50, Carvela heels - £4.

St Oswald's, High Street, Gosforth. 

On my most recent visit to this branch of St O's everything in store was half price, meaning there were some real mega bargains to be found. This store has a shopper-friendly layout with goods set out by size and type, and there's always something in the window to draw me in. French Connection, Reiss and Paul Smith were all on the rails on my most recent trip here. Although this isn't a boutique store, like the Jesmond one, it does offer higher end brands without the prices to match.

Recent finds: Reiss dress - £5, Autograph @ M&S blazer - £4, Paul Smith sweater - £5.

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