Supermodelmarket Chic - Heidi Klum for Lidl

If there’s one thing I love, it’s multi-tasking – getting more stuff done now  means more time collapsed on the sofa later – so this morning I headed off to my local Lidl to pick up a few groceries and also check out the Heidi Klum for Esmara Collection, which launched in stores today. If I can shop for shoes whilst I’m picking up freshly baked pain au chocolats, why wouldn’t I?!

I was curious of how the store would display the clothing – previously when I’ve seen clothes in there it’s just been loose in baskets in the middle of the store which hasn’t really tempted me to buy. This time, there were samples from each item in the collection hanging up whilst the others were displayed neatly in boxes below (I say ‘neatly’; they were at 8 o’clock this morning – not sure how neat they’ll be now - the store was quiet first thing but a lot of us ladies were arriving and heading straight for the clothing). I thought this was good as it meant you didn’t have to open boxes to feel fabrics and get an idea of the fit.

Price wise – the cheapest item was a cami at £4.99, the most expensive, a suede biker jacket at £49.99 (which actually looked lovely, but I REALLY don’t need another biker jacket). Colour wise – the collection is a palette of black, cream, camel, electric blue and leopard print.

I am a fan of leopard print, and I own a LOT of it – shoes, boots, bags, knits. Yup, I love it. However, I do feel it can be a tricky thing to wear, unless you’re going for a certain ‘look’ (let me just say that I saw a guy in LA airport once dressed in a leopard print suit, loafers and fedora hat. My immediate thought was ‘1970’s pimp’. Although I have to admit he did look like he’d be fun at parties). There is SO MUCH leopard print in this collection: blouses, trenches, blazers, trousers and boots; yet nothing was screaming ‘BUY ME!’. I think that’s probably due in part to the fact that I own quite a few leopardy pieces already (I did think the shoes and boots, which are suede, are a good price at £19.99/£24.99, but I need new leopard shoes like a hole in the head).

So what did I buy? Well, I picked up the leopard print longline hoodie then swapped it for the black one instead as I am afraid my animal print hoodie wearing days are probably long gone now. (I’m a little sad about it though, I should have got the leopard one, even if just to dance around my bedroom to Salt ‘n’ Pepa in). The hoodie is…well, it’s a hoodie – nothing too exciting although the zip detail at the bottom and the longer length make it a bit more special than the average, plus it's super soft & snuggly. 

I liked the look of the camel coatigan in the online adverts, but in reality the colour was more chestnut brown than camel which I wasn’t sure would suit me. I went for the striped multi one instead. It will be nice with jeans and boots for Autumn (at least that’s the look I have in my head).

Overall thoughts? Whilst a lot of the collection is wearable for us non-supermodel types, I couldn’t help thinking that some of it would just look plain ridiculous – on me, at least (case in point – the electric blue blazer and trouser combo Heidi wears in a lot of the promo shots) – she looks amazing. would look like a cross between a smurf and a cast off from a  defunct‘90s pop group (and not in a good way). Still, the range is great value for money & you have to love a supermodel/supermarket collab, don't you? I'd be interested to know if there's much left in stores now (hmmm maybe I need to go back for another look?!) 

Let me know if you picked up anything from the Heidi Klum for Esmara Collection!

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